Information on the cytology of the oral cavity is necessary for the identification and correct evaluation of lesions in this anatomical region. In contrast to other species kept as pets, literature on this subject in reptiles is scarce. The main objective of this descriptive study was to evaluate the normal cytological characteristics of the oral cavity of inland bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). This study evaluated 28 clinically healthy inland bearded dragons from private collections, including both juveniles and adult males and females. Two cytological oral samples were obtained from each animal, from the tongue and palate. After staining with modified Wright-Giemsa stain, slides were analyzed under an optical microscope. The slides were mostly hypocellular, with no evidence of microbiological overgrowth or inflammation, and showed mostly keratinized squamous cells, while basal epithelial cells were seldom observed. Occasionally, goblet cells were observed in tongue samples, but were rare in palate samples. The results of this study contribute to a better characterization of the normal oral mucosa of this species and are in accordance with the few previously published studies.

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