The purpose of the present report is to describe feasibility and gross postmortem results of oblique prefemoral ovariectomy in red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) performed by veterinarians in a teaching environment. Sixteen red-eared sliders were included in a teaching workshop. The turtles were anesthetized and placed in dorsolateral recumbency at an oblique 45-degree angle by use of folded towels. After prefemoral access to the celom and placement of a retractor with elastic bands, the ipsilateral follicles were exteriorized via gentle maneuvering with cotton tip applicators and excised after application of titanium clips and cautery with bipolar radiosurgery. On 14 of the 16 chelonians (87.5%) surgery was successfully completed. Of the two chelonians that did not have the surgical procedure completed, one had marked celomitis with adhesion of the ovaries to the liver and one had immature ovaries. At the end of the surgical procedures all chelonians were euthanized and postmortem was performed. The 14 chelonians that had surgery completed had no evident remaining ovarian tissue on gross postmortem. A survey completed by the attendants nine months after the workshop showed that a minority of the respondents (1/17) found the procedure difficult, and that one of the seven respondents that performed the surgery after the workshop was not able to complete the procedure. This report indicated that oblique prefemoral ovariectomy in mature red-eared sliders can be effectively taught to veterinarians during a workshop, and that if the procedure is completed the chances of leaving ovarian remnants are low.

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