Neoplasia was once thought to be rare in reptiles. However, recent studies illustrate that neoplasia is not uncommon. Hematopoeitic tumors appear to be one of the most common types of neoplasia in reptiles. Three cases of disseminated lymphoma in three lizards (two savannah monitors, Varanus exanthematicus, one green iguana, Iguana iguana), presented to three separate institutions. The clinical presentation, significant clinical pathology abnormalities, necropsy and histopathologic findings in those cases are outlined in this report. Immunohistochemistry was performed on all three cases and determined that the neoplastic cells in Case 2 were possibly of T-cell origin. Cellular origin could not be determined by immunohistochemistry for the other two cases. A summary of 11 previously reported cases of hematopoietic tumors in lizards and their cellular characteristics is provided. The etiology of lymphoma in lizards remains unknown and warrants further investigation.

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