Dear ARAV Members,

In this, my final year as your treasurer, I regretfully report that ARAV has ended the fiscal year (2010) with a net loss ($4,618). This loss is due to a combination of factors including increasing costs of food service at our conferences as well as declining membership. The archive CD of ARAV proceedings (which I encourage members to acquire this year) was also a substantial but necessary cost to the ARAV as we move our published materials to a digital, ecofriendly format. Despite this shortfall, as an organization we remain on solid financial footing with total assets over $200,000.

ARAV has a great need for your investment at this time. For this year's conference in Seattle, we forecast only a break-even outcome, as ARAV will receive only laboratory-based profits. In addition, we plan to move to a digital, online format for the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery. In the long run, this change will save ARAV money, but requires an initial investment. As your treasurer, I believe this investment to be worthwhile as it will attract new members and allow better access to cutting-edge reptile and amphibian medicine for members and prospective members, worldwide. One final financial change evidences our solid financial foundation; as a Board we are creating a separate account that will solely receive profits from the annual ARAV auction. This fund will strictly benefit conservation and research efforts of the ARAV, and with continuing member support will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In this economy, our decrease in membership was not unexpected and is not dissimilar to what other small veterinary organizations like our own are suffering. We need your help as current members to recruit new members; membership is what drives our budget. The greatest assets that the ARAV has continue to be its members—each of you has something of value to offer. Help make this organization all that it can be by volunteering your time. The ARAV needs your help more than ever in this time of economic uncertainty. No other organization can give the publications or presentations to its membership for reptile and amphibian medicine. Your investment now will help make the ARAV a better organization for you and for all who seek to improve the health and welfare of reptiles and amphibians. Please contact any member of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors and we will be happy to direct your energy.

Respectfully Submitted,