Twenty-four juvenile bearded dragon lizards, Pogona vitticeps, were divided into four groups of six lizards each for a preliminary feeding study. Groups 1–3 were fed vegetables and crickets ad lib for 90 days, with or without dietary supplements (Tetra Vitalife and Reed's MVP). Group 4 lizards were fed an experimental dry lizard diet only for 90 days. Growth of lizards was followed by monitoring body weight and length, and was not significantly changed by any diet. However, the Vitolife and MVP supplements resulted in significantly increased serum levels of vitamin E and the experimental dry diet resulted in significantly decreased serum vitamin E compared to the lizards fed unsupplemented vegetables and crickets. Thiamin (vitamin B1) was significantly increased in lizards receiving the MVP supplement or the dry diet, compared to the unsupplemented lizards. Additional diet-related differences were observed and are presented.

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