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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article August 24 2020
Real Effects of Intangibles Capitalization -Empirical Evidence from Voluntary IFRS Adoption in Japan-
Research Article July 30 2020
Do Locally Based Independent Directors Reduce Corporate Misconduct? Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms
Research Article July 28 2020
Strategic Management Forecasts and Accounting Choices: A Case of Employee Downsizing in Japan
Research Article July 20 2020
An overview of academic tax accounting research drawing on U.S. multinational taxation
Research Article July 8 2020
Recognition versus Disclosure and Audit Fees and Costs: Evidence from Pension Accounting in Japan
Research Article July 1 2020
Research Article May 8 2020
The Impact of World Religions on Conservatism
Research Article April 23 2020
Lost in Translation? Analysts' Forecasts of Cross-Listed Firms
Research Article April 23 2020
How Internal Control Protects Shareholders' Welfare: Evidence from Tax Avoidance in China
Research Article April 22 2020
Abnormal Audit Fees and Audit Quality: Evidence from the Korean Audit Market
Research Article April 17 2020
The Effect of Audit Duality on Audit Quality
Research Article April 15 2020
The Information Content of Hedge Accounting - Evidence from the European Banking Industry
Research Article April 13 2020
Does Firms' Dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility Information Through Facebook Matter for Corporate Reputation?
Research Article April 13 2020
The Value of Implicit Political Connections
Research Article March 23 2020
Foreign Equity Ownership and Income Smoothing
Research Article March 10 2020
Short-selling Threats and Real Earnings Management - International Evidence
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