This article, the second in a three-part series, is extracted from Technical Document (TD 2071) published by the Naval Ocean Systems Center in April, 1991. Titled "Tailoring Shipboard Environmental Specifications, A Guide for Navy Program Managers," the document presents a compilation of shipboard environmental data measured over the years. The applicability of the data to the fleet of today is discussed. Methods of tailoring systems specifications and tests for the environment existing at given locations on a variety of Naval ships are also included.

The first article in this series (Journal of the IES, p. 25. March, April, 1992) included the Introduction, Temperature and Humidity, and Shock sections of TD 2071. This article covers the first part of the TD 2071 discussion of vibration. The third article will finish the discussion of vibration and present a "tailored" vibration requirement that a program manager might include in a procurement package for new shipboard systems.

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