The nonvolatile residue monitor (NRM) operated in the batch mode has been investigated for measuring residue after evaporation (RAE) of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and acetone. IPA, acetone, and water were doped with known concentrations of known contaminants and then measured with the NRM to determine its calibration for these liquids. The calibrations were measured with different types of contaminants and with different drying temperatures. The NRM's calibration was identical for IPA, acetone, and water when calibrations were performed with water-soluble contaminants. Less ideal behavior was observed with water-insoluble contaminants. The NRM's performance in evaluating high purity semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol and acetone was also investigated. RAE levels were measured in solvents purchased from four different suppliers to the semiconductor industry. The NRM was able to differentiate between the suppliers.

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