This paper describes a technique for measuring trace quantities of oxygen and moisture contaminants present in a semiconductor and/or containerless processing environment. Monatomic negative oxygen ions, O-, formed by electron dissociative attachment through interaction with the molecular oxygen and water, are measured to infer the presence of the contaminants. This technique exploits the fact that the cross section for the reaction is greatly enhanced at the resonant energy. The device built to demonstrate this technique combines a small gridded electron ionizer with a conventional mass spectrometer. The concentrations of oxygen have been measured using the method of standard additions by diluting O2 in N2. The lowest detection limit obtained was 1.2 kHz (O- count rate) at a concentration of 1010 corresponding to 0.1 ppb. Sensitivity calculations for detecting moisture, and electron and ion trajectory modeling using the SIMION program are presented. The detection of trace quantities of water vapor was attempted. The difficulties with handling water in the experiments are also described.

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