Acoustic measurements from eight Titan IV flights, and an acoustic test of a Cassini simulator and Titan payload fairing (PLF), were used to derive acoustic flight and test criteria for the Cassini spacecraft. The flight and laboratory data were used or modified to account for the following factors: (a) noise-spike contamination of flight data, (b) spatial and flight-to-flight variations of flight data, (c) application of a thicker barrier-blanket to the PLF for the Cassini mission, (d) effects of locating two Cassini assemblies, the Huygens Probe (HP), and the High Gain Antenna (HGA), near the PLF, and (e) higher thrust of upgraded Titan solid rocket motors (SRMs) for the Cassini mission. An overall sound pressure level of 145 dB was verified for the protoflight acoustic test criteria for the Cassini spacecraft.

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