To achieve large-missile guidance qualification, modification, and reliability tests and analysis, the Hill Air Force Base Survivability & Vulnerability Integration Center (SVIC) has installed a six-degree-of-freedom shock and vibration system. Designed and developed by Wyle Laboratories Inc., this system in driven in the frequency range of 5 to 2000 Hz by eight electrodynamics shakers, two in each horizontal axis and four in the vertical axis. The major design concern is the coupling of the shakers through a rigid table due to kinetic and dynamic effects and the behavior of the structure. This has made the control task very challenging. A method was developed that coordinates the drive signals to compensate for cross-coupling effects. Based upon tests to date, the system is an effective, reliable, and capable test platform. In this paper, we discuss the design objectives, provide a brief description of the hardware, and elaborate on the high-speed, digital control system driving the eight electrodynamics shakers. A brief description of the test results is provided.

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