More than 30 years of temperature and humidity data from bodies of water across the globe were compared to a standard benchmark environment of 85 °C and 85% Relative Humidity (RH). The Peck Temperature Humidity Model provided this linkage. Results were organized by global region and severity to create a severity distribution of the natural oceanic temperature and humidity environments applicable in product testing. The severity distribution was achieved through a four-subpopulation mixed-Weibull distribution fit to the data. The result is the Oceanic Severity Model.

The Oceanic Severity Model was compared to prior research that used land-based environmental data to create a similar percent-severity approach. The ocean-based model was less severe at the extremes, but overall similar to the results found in the land-based assessment. Several military-standard-defined environments were compared to the Oceanic Severity Model. One of the military environments was found to be extremely severe when considered as representative of a 10-year natural environment, such that it is highly improbable that the environment would occur in nature.

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