Selecting a non-cleanroom-approved vacuum cleaner may satisfy your budget, but the shortsighted choice brings substantial risk

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About the authors

Roger Diener is a Consultant and the current IEST Vice President of Planning. Diener has served as on the Executive Board in several roles, including President. He has been active on many IEST Working Groups and most recently served as Chair of IEST WG-CC044, Vacuum Cleaners and Systems for Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments. Diener led the development of ISO Standard 14644 Part 5: Operations. Diener retired after 40 years with Analog Devices. As Contamination Control Engineer, he was responsible for developing and maintaining the contamination control program and supporting wafer fabrication activities. Diener developed, documented, and implemented cleanroom and personnel protocols. As a manufacturing engineer, he supported clean manufacturing protocols including: wafer handling tooling, personnel methods for clean manufacturing, and applying clean techniques for resolving ergonomic and safety-related personnel issues.

Morgan Polen is the principal consultant for Microrite and the current IEST Membership Vice President. Polen has more than 30 years' experience working in cleanrooms and is a subject matter expert in particle monitoring. He has been involved in cleanroom projects in over 40 countries, working on cleanroom design, construction, validation, monitoring program development, particle counter design, and product management. He serves as a member of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 209, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Polen provides expertise for monitoring and control solutions in clean industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, data storage, aerospace, defense, automotive, optical, food and beverage, and manufacturing.