Our Literature Review section continues with another installment of summaries from the medical literature. Our authors have found recent articles that have direct relevance to the practice of insurance medicine. The intent of the reading list is to provide the highlights of articles, not an in-depth analysis. Contributions to the reading list are invited. Please forward your citation and summary to Michael L. Moore, MD, Associate Editor, Literature Review at Moorem1@Nationwide.com. We will acknowledge all contributors in each issue's installment.

1. AlBadri A, Merz N, Johnson B, et al. Impact of Abnormal Coronary Reactivity on Long-Term Clinical Outcomes in Women. JACC. 2019;73:684-693.

Up to one half of all women who have cardiac angiograms for suspected myocardial ischemia have no significant coronary artery disease. The WISE (Women's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation) study previously reported abnormal coronary reactivity in these relatively low risk patients...

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