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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article August 3 2022
Towards Automating Shredding Nonprofit XML Files The Case of IRS Form 990 Data
Research Article August 1 2022
The Use of Geographic Information in Audit Data Analytics for Evidence Gathering: A Design Science Approach
Research Article July 28 2022
Factors Affecting Employees’ Susceptibility to Cyber Attacks
Research Article June 28 2022
The Effect of Technological and Task Considerations on Auditors’ Acceptance of Blockchain Technology
Research Article June 27 2022
Evidence on Internal Audit Quality from Transitioning to Remote Audits because of COVID-19
Research Article June 23 2022
Digital Transformation in Accounting and Auditing: 2021 International Conference of the Journal of Information Systems Panel Discussion
Research Article June 21 2022
Python Code and Illustrative Crisis Management Data from Twitter
Research Article June 21 2022
The Impact of Audit Committee IT Expertise on Data Breaches
Research Article June 2 2022
Cybersecurity Breaches in the Supply Chain and Earnings Management
Research Article May 27 2022
Report Users' Perceived Sentiments of Key Audit Matters and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Deep Learning-Based Natural Language Processing Approach
Research Article April 29 2022
The Joint Effects of Argument Quality and Interactivity on Nonprofessional Investors’ Perceptions of Disclosure Credibility and Investment Decisions.
Research Article April 13 2022
Tracking Tangible Asset Ownership and Provenance with Blockchain
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