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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article August 24 2021
Exploring Antecedents of Peoples' Intention to Use Smart Services in Smart City Environment: An extended UTAUT Model
Research Article July 19 2021
The Role of Construal Alignment in Enterprise Risk Management
Research Article July 19 2021
Information Security Assurance and the Role of Security Configuration Management: Substantive and Symbolic Perspectives
Research Article July 19 2021
A View from the CISO: Insights from the Data Classification Process
Research Article July 19 2021
Applications of Data Analytics: Cluster Analysis of Not-for-Profit Data
Research Article June 30 2021
Assessing Effects of Media Affordances and Information Security Awareness on Knowledge Sharing in Global Software Development
Research Article June 10 2021
Information processing costs and firms’ investment efficiency: An examination of channels of the XBRL effect
Research Article June 4 2021
Effects of Data Visualization Choices on Psychophysiological Responses, Judgment and Audit Quality
Research Article May 28 2021
Firm Use of Cybersecurity Risk Disclosure
Research Article May 5 2021
Increasing Reliance on Financial Advice with Avatars: The Effects of Competence and Complexity on Algorithm Aversion
Research Article April 28 2021
Are auditors' reliance on conclusions from data analytics impacted by different data analytic inputs?
Research Article April 22 2021
The effect of Legal Entity Identifiers on audit fee changes
Research Article April 5 2021
Using Smart Contracts to Establish Decentralized Accounting Contracts: An Example of Revenue Recognition
Research Article April 1 2021
An Investigation of the Effects of Allegation Sources and Consequences on Corporate Directors’ Responses to Whistleblowing Allegations
Research Article February 25 2021
An executable axiomatization of the REA2 ontology
Research Article February 22 2021
The Multitasking Audit Environment: The Effect of Alternative Modes of Communication on Team Performance
Research Article February 19 2021
Classifying Restatements: An Application of Machine Learning and Textual Analytics
Research Article February 3 2021
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and XBRL Reporting Quality
Research Article October 14 2020
An Exploration of Bank Confirmation Process Automation: A Longitudinal Study
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