A significant number of individuals all over the world experience various types of developmental disabilities. Families of these individuals are likely to be impacted by these disabilities in different ways. This research examines the UAE parents' adaptation and stress to the developmental disabilities that their children have as well as examines the impact of these disabilities on three family factors: family functioning, family social opportunities, and family general health. The relationships between these factors were investigated and also those between these factors and several child and family characteristics. The results revealed that parents who had better general health had also better family functioning, and had less stress. Child age was found to be associated with parents' stress, as stress decreases when the child gets older. The results also showed that parents' educational level was associated with their social opportunities. Further, parents' stress level was found to be linked to their children's behavior problems. Finally, the results of the study explored that the type of child's developmental disability impacted family social opportunities.

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