The purpose of the current literature review is to understand how East Asian American (EAA) parents of students with disabilities perceive disabilities and special education. These parental perspectives are compared to those of their East Asian (EA) parents to better understand whether EAA parents adjust their perceptions in the U.S. Findings from 21 studies indicate both similarities and differences between EAA parents and EA parents regarding (1) parents' perceptions of disability, including (a) familiarity with the concept of disability, (b) child's disability type, and (c) religious beliefs and (2) parents' perceptions of special education and related services, including (a) highly qualified teachers, (b) overall quality of special education and related services, and (c) level of parental involvement in their child's education. Implications for research and practice are discussed, including the need for increasing awareness of disabilities among immigrant communities and the promotion of parental involvement in schools.

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