We conducted a systematic review to estimate the efficacy of current attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) training programs delivered to general education elementary school teachers (GEESTs) in Saudi Arabia and understand how well Saudi GEESTs are prepared to work with students with ADHD. OneSearch@IU and Google Scholar were used to search for relevant studies. The included studies were published in peer-reviewed journals between 2013 and 2023, written in English or Arabic, addressed GEESTs and students with ADHD, and reported on GEESTs’ ADHD knowledge, use of effective strategies for students with ADHD, and/or judgments about the ADHD training programs. Data were extracted and synthesized independently by the two authors based on content analysis and predefined inclusion criteria. Overall, Saudi GEESTs’ knowledge of ADHD was inadequate. Differences in teachers' ADHD knowledge might be attributed to different factors such as age, gender, years of teaching experience, and training related to ADHD. The current ADHD training programs directed toward the Saudi GEESTs increased ADHD knowledge. However, the satisfaction level of GEESTs regarding the ADHD training programs they received was not high. The present ADHD training programs provided to GEESTs in Saudi Arabia did not satisfy teachers and impacted the application of effective strategies to teach students with ADHD. As such, these programs must be improved to better consider teachers’ needs.

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