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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article November 9 2021
Nonprofit Governance: Are Related Board Members Bad for Nonprofits?
Research Article October 22 2021
Surrogation Fundamentals: Measurement and Cognition
Research Article September 27 2021
Budget Ratcheting and Debtholders’ Monitoring: Evidence from Private Colleges and Universities
Research Article September 23 2021
Changing the blame game: Does the presence of a pay ratio disclosure impact nonprofessional investors’ reactions to CEOs’ internal attributions for poor firm performance?
Research Article September 23 2021
The Relation between Internal Forecasting Sophistication and Accounting Misreporting
Research Article September 21 2021
Market Reaction to Abnormal Inventory Growth: Evidence for Managerial Decision-Making
Research Article August 19 2021
How Relative Performance Information Affects Exploration-exploitation Decisions
Research Article August 19 2021
The Moderating Effect of Achievement Motive on Performance Feedback in Choices of Challenging Tasks
Research Article June 23 2021
The Effect of Advice Valence on the Perceived Credibility of Data Analytics
Research Article April 13 2021
Do Job Candidates' Effort Promises Matter When the Labor Market is Competitive? Experimental Evidence
Research Article April 9 2021
Operating Cash Flows and Earnings Target Revision: Evidence from Annual Cash Bonus Plans for CEOs
Research Article April 6 2021
CFO Overconfidence and Cost Behavior
Research Article April 1 2021
Managers' Equity Incentives and Asymmetric Cost Behavior
Research Article February 18 2021
The Effects of Goal Publicity and Incentives on Self-Set Performance Goals
Research Article February 18 2021
Corporate Social Responsibility and Technological Innovation
Research Article February 18 2021
Needs Versus Wants: The Mental Accounting and Effort Effects of Tangible Rewards
Research Article January 22 2021
The Effects of Multi-Level Group Identification on Intergroup Helping Behavior
Research Article January 22 2021
Information Quality and Workplace Safety
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