Wide-Band Gap (WBG) power devices have become a promising option for high-power applications due to the superior material properties over traditional Silicon. To not limit WBG devices’ mother nature, a rugged and high-performance power device packaging solution is necessary. This study proposes a Double-Side Cooled (DSC) 1.2 kV half-bridge power module having dual epoxy resin insulated metal substrate (eIMS) for solving convectional power module challenges and providing a cost-effective solution. The thermal performance outperforms traditional Alumina (Al2O3) Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) DSC power module due to moderate thermal conductivity (10 W/mK) and thin (120 mm) epoxy resin composite dielectric working as the IMS insulation layer. This novel organic dielectric can withstand high voltage (5 kVAC @ 120 μm) and has a Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of 300°C, which is suitable for high-power applications. In the thermal-mechanical modeling, the organic DSC power module can pass the thermal cycling test over 1,000 cycles by optimizing the mechanical properties of the encapsulant material. In conclusion, this article not only proposes a competitive organic-based power module but also a methodology of evaluation for thermal and mechanical performance.

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