This paper investigates iron-oxide and zinc-oxide thick-films for gas sensing applications. The films were printed onto glass substrates with silver electrodes. The effects of propanol, methanol and ethanol vapor on the devices at room temperature (in the concentration range 500–2000ppm) were investigated. The percentage relative resistance change, ΔR = ((Rgas − Rair)/Rair) ×100, was seen to increase linearly with increasing gas vapor concentration. The sensitivity of the films to the gas vapor was determined from the slope of the graphs. It was observed that various film compositions showed a higher sensitivity to propanol than to methanol and ethanol. Moreover, the sensitivity to propanol increased from 0.077 to 0.166 to 0.173%/ppm for the three samples with molecular weight composition ratios of: 90%/10%, 80/20% and 70%/30% of Fe2O3 to ZnO respectively. The response times of sensors 1, 2 and 3 (to 1000ppm step changes in propanol concentration) were 48.6 seconds, 86.4 seconds and 76.5 seconds, while the recovery times were 117 seconds, 186 seconds and 153 seconds respectively.

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