We examined the gaming patterns and withdrawal symptomology of 144 American collegiate internet gamers. Our findings indicated that Internet Gaming Disorder Scale (IGDS) scores positively correlated with withdrawal symptomology. The 10 most endorsed withdrawal symptoms were craving to game, impatience, increased sleeping, increased eating, lack of pleasure, irritable/angry, anxious/tense, restless, difficulty concentrating, and increased dreaming. Only 27.1% of gamers did not endorse any withdrawal symptoms. A MANOVA revealed significant differences in IGDS and withdrawal symptom scores among gamers who preferred to game alone, with others in person, with others online, or with others in person and online (8.1% variance explained). Specifically, IGDS scores were higher among gamers who preferred to game with others online compared with other modalities. Withdrawal symptoms did not significantly discriminate between groups. Finally, many gamers indicated that if internet gaming were not available, they would be more likely to engage in other potentially addictive behaviors.

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