This study expanded previous psychometric analyses to include gender and race using measurement invariance with the Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS-34) on a large sample (n = 4,013) of students referred to a university counseling center. Internal consistency was demonstrated for all subscales with all αs and ωs ≥ .80. The seven-factor model provided a good to excellent fit for all participant subgroup responses. The total sample comparative fit index was .948, the root-mean-square error of approximation was .058 [.057, .059], and the standardized root-mean-square residual was .048. Full measurement invariance was documented across all gender and racial/ethnic identity comparisons (i.e., White, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, multiracial, Latino/a/x, non-Latino/a/x). The study concluded that CCAPS-34 subscales scores can be used with confidence with college-aged students of diverse backgrounds for screening and outcome assessment purposes.

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