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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 109,
Issue 4
December 2023


Mark A. Bechtel, MD Ohio State University

ISSN: 2572-1801

eISSN: 2572-1852

About this Journal

The Journal of Medical Regulation is a peer-reviewed, editorially independent journal published by the Federation of State Medical Boards since 1913. JMR’s scholarly content examines interdisciplinary trends and topics of interest to the international community of medical regulators who protect the public’s health and safety through the licensing and disciplining of physicians and other health care professionals. By publishing evidence-based scholarship, JMR helps foster an environment in which the link between regulatory policies and health and social outcomes is better understood, and new knowledge is created upon which to base regulatory decisions.

Journal of Medical Regulation Webinar

On October 4, 2023, the FSMB hosted a webinar titled Publishing in the Journal of Medical Regulation: Meet-the-Editor and Tips for Success. In this one-hour webinar, participants learned about the journal’s focus areas, submission process, tips for successful publication, and available resources for authors.

The JMR Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mark A. Bechtel shared his vision for the future of the journal. Dr. Scott Metzger shared his experience getting published in the journal, and why he elected to submit to JMR to communicate his research with the larger medical regulation community and potentially change practices. Mr. Lyle Kelsey spoke about the value JMR brings to his medical board and why the journal is important reading for the medical regulation community.

A recording of the webinar is available here.

Call for Submissions

The Journal of Medical Regulation extends an open call for submissions in 2024. We welcome manuscripts spanning original research, discussion of best practices, commentaries about patient safety, and related matters relevant to medical regulators in the United States and around the world.

Since 1913, the Journal of Medical Regulation (JMR) has served as a primary vehicle through which the U.S. medical regulatory community has shared new knowledge and best practices about physician licensure, discipline and regulation. The journal offers a thorough and fair yet rapid peer review process. All published content is made freely available to all readers upon publication with no article processing or publication fees levied upon authors.

For more information, please consult the instructions for authors on the JMR website at .

JMR Archives

JMR is pleased to announce it has partnered with JSTOR to archive more than a century of back issues. JMR has been published continuously since 1913 under several titles (Federation Bulletin, Journal of Medical Licensure and Discipline). All issues from 1930 to the present are now available through JSTOR and work is underway to fill in the remaining backlog of issues spanning 1913 to 1929. You can access the new archive at

JMR Awards

The Journal of Medical Regulation (JMR) is pleased to announce the 2023 recipients of the JMR Awards.

Selected by the Journal’s Editorial Board for content published in the previous year, the JMR Awards are presented at each year’s FSMB Annual Meeting. The two JMR awards and their criteria is as follows:

  • The JMR Award for Excellence in Editorial Writing, presented in recognition of an outstanding editorial contribution to JMR.
  • The JMR Award for Distinguished Scholarship, presented in recognition of an outstanding objective, scholarly contribution to JMR.
The award-winning articles recognized at the 2023 FSMB Annual Meeting are listed below:

JMR Award for Excellence in Editorial Writing:
The Role of Regulatory Boards in Combating Racism and Promoting Diversity
Norman T. Reynolds, MD

JMR Award for Distinguished Scholarship:
An Evaluation of Clinicians with Subsequent Disciplinary Actions: Washington Medical Commission
Jimi Bush, MPA and Sarah Chenvert, MBA

Protecting Patients from Egregious Wrongdoing by Physicians: Consensus Recommendations from State Medical Board Members and Staff
Tristan McIntosh, PhD; Elizabeth Pendo, JD; Heidi Walsh, MPH, CHES; Kari Baldwin, MSW; James M. DuBois, DSc, PhD


Features & Information

State Briefs

Get the latest news and information on staff changes, legal and policy updates, new programs and much more from the U.S. state medical board community.

State Medical Board Practices

Learn about innovative practices undertaken by state medical boards to improve the quality of medical regulation across the United States.

International Briefs

Get the latest news and information on staff changes, legal and policy updates, new programs and much more from the global medical regulatory community.

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