Medical Board of California 2012–2013 Annual Report Shows Key Statewide Tends

The Medical Board of California (MBC) has released its 2012–2013 Annual Report, summarizing key trends and activities during the last fiscal year.

According to the report, 128,641 physicians are licensed to practice in California (not including those who are inactive, retired or have disabled-license status.) Of these, 104,442 have a California address and 24,219 have an out-of-state address. Last year, the total number of licensed physicians was 126,483, with 102,372 having a California address and 24,111 having an out-of-state address. The MBC received 6,697 physician applications during the last year, compared with 6,623 during 2011–2012.

The largest number of licensed physicians in California practice in Los Angeles County (28,672), followed by San Diego County (10,023), Orange County (9,581), and Santa Clara County (7,582).

The MBC received 7,459 complaints about physicians in 2012–2013, compared with 6,923 in 2011–2012. During the last year, the MBC opened 1,502 cases and closed 1,564 cases, compared to 1,577 cases opened and 1,544 cases closed in 2011–2012. The MBC reports that its complaint unit reduced the average days to process complaints from 83 days to 67 days, and that it referred 122 cases for criminal action. In 2011–2012, the MBC referred 89 cases for criminal action. The MBC received 11,243 consumer inquiries in 2012–2013, compared to 14,411 in 2011–2012.

The MBC also reported its fiscal standing during 2012–2013, with total revenues and reimbursements of $54,790,000 and a total budget-distribution of $55,922,000. The most significant portion of its revenue comes from physician license renewals, at 84%, followed by application and initial licensing fees, which account for 11% of the total. Forty-four percent of its budget distribution goes to enforcement operations, 26% to legal and hearing services, and 11% to licensing.

Source: 2012–2013 Annual Report, Medical Board of California

Oregon Medical Board Website Redesign Launched

The Oregon Medical Board (OMB) has launched a newly redesigned website, making it easier to interact with the board online. The new site gives the public, physicians, and other medical providers access to important information by providing streamlined content and a design that incorporates features for smart phone and tablet users.

The OMB simplified its website content during the redesign, reducing the total number of web pages by 50 percent. In-person usability studies with Oregonians helped make the design more functional and relevant for visitors.

In addition to improved functionality and information regarding license eligibility and application requirements for health providers interested in practicing in Oregon, the new website includes information on topics of interest to those currently licensed, such as continuing education requirements and license renewals. The OMB estimates that approximately 17,000 physicians, physician assistants, and acupuncturists renew their licenses online. The new website also provides a range of services for consumers, including information on filing a complaint. To see the new website, please visit

Source: Business Wire, October 17, 2013