The objective of this systematic review was to perform a comprehensive overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses pertaining to peri-implantitis in humans, including the prevalence and incidence, the diagnostic findings, microbial findings, effects of systemic diseases, and treatment of peri-implantitis. Electronic databases were searched for systematic reviews and meta-analyses of peri-implantitis. In view of the limitations of the included systematic reviews, the outcome of this overview suggested that (1) occurrence of peri-implantitis was higher in patients with periodontitis, in patients who smoke, and after 5 years of implant function; (2) the microbial profile of peri-implantitis was different from periodontitis; (3) risk for peri-implantitis was higher in patients with uncontrolled diabetes and cardiovascular disease; (4) there was no strong evidence to suggest the most effective treatment intervention for peri-implantitis, although most peri-implantitis treatments can produce successful outcomes; and (5) postimplant maintenance may be crucial in patients with a high risk of peri-implantitis.

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