A technique is described where the tooth's natural crown is used as part of the interim implant supported prosthesis in clinical situations where a tooth with poor prognosis is extracted and an implant is placed immediately after tooth extraction. A preliminary impression is made before tooth extraction, and the exact tooth positioning is assessed in the laboratory as part of the treatment plan. An acrylic resin repositioning jig is fabricated that will guide the clinician in seating and orienting the crown intraorally after implant placement is completed. After the natural tooth is extracted and an implant is immediately placed via guided approach, the extracted natural crown is hollowed and placed on top of an interim abutment. The natural crown is positioned intraorally by using the acrylic resin repositioning jig. The crown is then internally relined and placed as part of the interim implant supported prosthesis. After osseointegration has been confirmed, a definitive prosthesis is placed.

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