The aim of this research letter was to report the results of a pilot study designed to compare the real and virtual position of implants placed using computer-guided flapless implant surgery for single restorations in the premaxilla. A total of 8 patients (2 men and 6 women) with a mean age of 40 years old (range: 32–73 years) had a total of 11 implants inserted using a tooth-supported stereolithographic guide. After implant placement, the positions (coronal, central, and apical) and angulation of the implants installed in relation to those planned were determined via the superposition of pre- and postoperative 3-dimensional models using Dental Slice software (Bioparts, Brasília, Brazil). The mean angular deviation was 2.54° ± 0.71°. The deviations found for the coronal, central, and apical positions were 1.3 ± 0.77 mm, 1.49 ± 0.58 mm, and 2.13 ± 1.32 mm, respectively.

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