A 36-year-old male patient diagnosed with severe chronic periodontitis was treated with novel surgery for his maxillary right lateral incisor. Preoperatively, a 3D printer was used, based on CBCT datasets, to produce a photosensitive resin bony anatomy replica. The patient's blood was centrifuged to obtain advanced platelet-rich fibrin (A-PRF) and injected platelet-rich fibrin (I-PRF), then mixed with Bio-Oss and packed onto the 3D replica to form the ideal shape. The replica was positioned at the planned sites without changes. The A-PRF membrane was applied over the replica as well as a Bio-Gide collagen membrane. Fifteen months after the surgery, clinical and radiographic followup revealed greatly reduced pocket depths and significant 3D alveolar bone fill at the treatment site. Based on these short-term results, the initial 3D printing surgical temple assisted guided tissue regeneration method resulted in significant clinical and radiographic improvements; A-PRF/I-PRF should be considered an ideal biomaterial for regenerative periodontal therapy.

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