Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a rare complication that has been associated with the use of bisphosphonates. A 77-year-old patient presented in April 2013 asking for a consultation. She reported that in May 2009, she underwent an implant rehabilitation with 8 implants and an immediately loaded fixed prosthesis in the maxilla. After a few months the patient started to report pain and purulent secretions that were neglected by the clinician for several years. She decided to refer to the Dental Clinic after another acute pain episode. Once the fixed prosthesis was removed, exposed necrotic bone was found in relation to the implants. The patient reported having taken oral alendronic acid to treat osteoporosis since before 2006. The patient underwent a functional endoscopic sinus surgery and a removal of necrotic bone blocks. Three years of follow-up showed healed tissues with no recurrence, although the alveolar crest appeared irregular on radiographs.

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