This case report describes the rehabilitation of a patient who received dental implants in traumatic bone cyst areas (TBC). A 24-year-old male patient sought dental treatment for the bilateral absence of the mandibular second premolars. Radiographic examination revealed bilateral large radiolucent images in the mandible body. Surgical exploration confirmed the diagnosis of TBC. Rehabilitation with dental implants was performed using different approaches on each side. One cystic cavity was filled with blood clot and allogenic bone graft; the other was filled only with blood clot. After 5 years, the implants are osseointegrated and functioning. The filling of the traumatic bone cyst cavity with local blood clot in contact with the implant presented clinical and radiographic success similar to that obtained with filling with bone graft in the same patient. Thus, in this patient, the blood clot-only approach can be considered as a viable, safe-low cost alternative to blood clot and grafting material.

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