Autogenous partially demineralized dentin matrix (APDDM) has been reportedly used as a superior bone graft material. A 52-year-old Japanese man who exhibited severe periodontitis was referred for oral rehabilitation. He underwent wide-range anterior maxillary alveolar bone and bilateral sinus floor augmentation by grafting of a mixture of APDDM and particulate cancellous bone and marrow (PCBM); subsequently, he underwent implant-supported full arch rehabilitation. He has been followed up for 4 years after placement of the final restoration without any complications, and his physiological bone volume has been maintained. APDDM constitutes an alternative treatment that may increase the volume of graft material and might prevent rapid resorption of PCBM, because APDDM served as a scaffold for osteoblasts from PCBM. When possible, it may be useful to apply APDDM as a graft material with PCBM for large-volume alveolar bone regeneration.

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