The report is presenting a case of implant placement in the postoperative maxillary cyst (POMC) with a follow-up of 13 years. The POMC is a complication associated with various surgical interventions involving maxillary sinus diseases such as Caldwell-Luc operation, orthognathic surgery, and sinus grafting procedures. The lesion of POMC is believed to develop as a result of the changes of ciliated cells or the blockage of ostia inside the maxillary sinus. Two dental implants were placed near the lesion that was later confirmed to be POMC. Of the 2 dental implants placed, one was explanted and the other was successfully managed with surface debridement followed by guided bone regeneration. The removed specimen inclusive of the implant and surrounding tissue was evaluated with clinical photographs, radiographs, and histology and the findings are described in the paper.

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