The excess cement not removed after the cementation of fixed implant-supported restorations may cause loss of peri-implant attachment or adjacent bone. The aims of this study were to evaluate the amount of residual cement at different abutment-crown connection levels and to test the cleaning efficacy of poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) ultrasonic tips after cementation. One implant was placed in an anterior central tooth position 5 mm below the gingival margin in an acrylic model, and 32 stone models were obtained with implant analogs. Abutment heights of 1–2 and 2.5–4 mm were used on the vestibular and lingual sides, respectively. Crowns were cemented and cleaned, and half of the samples were cleaned again using PEEK tips. The abutment-crown suprastructure was then disconnected, and cleaning efficacy was evaluated. Varying amounts of excess cement were found on all specimens except for the PEEK group with abutment-crown connections 1 mm below the gingival margin. An increase of undetected cement remnants was observed when the restoration margins were located deeper subgingivally. Various amounts of excess cement associated with margin location were detected on the abutment–restoration complex despite meticulous cleaning efforts. Ultrasonic PEEK tips were effective at cleaning the cement remnants around implants to a certain depth.

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