With the increasing complexity of Implant Dentistry, clinicians must know from which type of article they can expect the best clinical evidence. The JOI has several article types to benefit readers, whether they are implant researchers or “wet fingered” implant dentists attempting to provide state-of-the-art treatment for patients. An article type may be specific for one group or have value for both clinicians and researchers. The JOI received 332 submissions in 2021 and accepted 63 for publication (19% acceptance rate). The JOI editorial staff attempts to select a mix of articles to meet the interest of the JOI readers. Articles chosen for publication are based upon peer-review comments and suitable revisions.

The article types published in the JOI include the following2:

These seven article types offer something for all readers of the JOI. The hierarchy level of evidence may vary with article type. Hierarchy determination is...

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