This paper reports on an infected silicone chin implant due to the nonideal placement of dental implants, in a female patient aged 67 years old. A patient unsatisfied with her facial profile had received a silicone chin implant 25 years ago and had recently undergone surgery for placement of dental implants in a region close to the silicone implant. The nonideal positioning of dental implants and close contact with the silicone implant led to the absence of osseointegration, with consequent mobility and infection of both. The mobile dental implants and silicone implant were removed. Imaging exams revealed other complications of the silicone implant as bone resorption and formation of a narrow bone layer around the inferior silicone implant border. Alloplastic implants are an option for the esthetic correction of chin deformities. Solid silicone is biocompatible and highly resistant to degradation, with minimal allergic reaction and risk of toxicity. However, several postoperative complications may arise, such as migration or displacement, extrusion, foreign body reaction, bone resorption, heterotopic bone formation, and infection. Precise imaging exams are critical for diagnosis and to indicate the best treatment plan.

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