The objective of this study is to establish an algorithm for the medicosurgical treatment of dental implant-induced neuropathic pain. The methodology was based on the good practice guidelines from the French National Authority for Health: the data were searched on the Medline database. A working group has drawn up a first draft of professional recommendations corresponding to a set of qualitative summaries. Consecutive drafts were amended by the members of an interdisciplinary reading committee. A total of 91 publications were screened, of which 26 were selected to establish the recommendations: 1 randomized clinical trial, 3 controlled cohort studies, 13 case series, and 9 case reports. In the event of the occurrence of post-implant neuropathic pain, a thorough radiological assessment by at least a panoramic radiograph (orthopantomogram) or especially a cone-beam computerized tomography scan is recommended to ensure that the tip of the implant is placed more than 4 mm from the anterior loop of the mental nerve for an anterior implant and 2 mm from the inferior alveolar nerve for a posterior implant. Very early administration of high-dose steroids, possibly associated with partial unscrewing or full removal of the implant preferably within the first 36–48 hours after placement, is recommended. A combined pharmacological therapy (anticonvulsants, antidepressants) could minimize the risk of pain chronicization. If a nerve lesion occurs in the context of dental implant surgery, treatment should be initiated within the first 36-48 hours after implant placement, including partial or full removal of the implant and early pharmacological treatment.

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