Static computer-aided implant surgery (s-CAIS) improves the accuracy of dental implant surgery and enables the precise transfer of the virtual design to the mouth.1–4  In terms of discomfort, economics, and intraoperative complications, s-CAIS is more beneficial than freehand surgery. However, implant deviations guided by s-CAIS still exist and do not have perfect accuracy in clinical settings and deviations still exists.6–9  In some extreme cases, the guidance accuracy remains insufficient.

To improve the accuracy of guided implant surgery, this article introduces a technique that allows on-site implant drilling validation using a customized implant surgical guide. The guide components included the guide plate, double-armed zirconia sleeves, and indicator components.

A 47-year-old man visited the clinic and underwent tooth extraction and ridge preservation of the right maxillary central incisor 6 months ago. Implant surgery was performed using the following techniques. The protocol was approved by the...

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