A 28-year-old male patient was referred from an otorhinolaryngologist for managing unilateral chronic maxillary sinusitis (MS). The patient had undergone 2 functional endoscopic sinus surgeries, although the MS was not resolved. Based on his dental history, endodontic treatment had been done on the symptomatic area. A leak of endodontic sealer and peri-apical lesion on tooth #14 was found on cone-beam computed tomographic examination. Extraction of tooth #14 and the modified Caldwell-Luc operation were performed to remove the endodontic sealer material and relevant inflammatory tissue. The sinus membrane lining was maintained as much as possible during the surgery. Implant placement was performed on the tooth extraction site. All clinical symptoms disappeared after the surgery. Radiographic and endoscopic examination revealed successful osseointegration of the implant and complete resolution of the MS. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery alone may not be sufficient to treat MS derived from dental origin. For unilateral MS, dental history should be carefully checked.

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