This case report presents a literature review and a case report of a full-mouth implant rehabilitation for a 65-year-old woman with a history of Bruxism. The patient’s oral condition showed dentition with severe occlusal wear, extensive dental work, and missing teeth replaced with bridges and implants. The existing dental work was failing due to recurrent caries and the mechanical failure of long-span bridges. The unique aspect of the treatment presented in this report is the management of existing osseointegrated implants of different systems with different platform designs, which adds to the treatment’s complexity. The existing implants were incorporated into the planned treatment, and other implants were added to support maxillary zirconia and mandibular hybrid full-arch prostheses. After 2 years of function, extensive wear was evident on the milled acrylic, even though an occlusal guard was used. New acrylic teeth were processed using the same milled titanium bar of the mandibular hybrid prosthesis, and the occlusal surfaces of the acrylic teeth were protected with gold onlays. The patient is seen regularly for maintenance every 6 months with no further complications. Careful evaluation, planning, and treatment execution are paramount in managing patients with a history of bruxism. Patients should be prepared and informed about possible mechanical failure and seen regularly for maintenance.

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