This in vitro study was conducted to investigate the repeatability of the implant stability quotients (ISQ) measured with multipegs after numerous sterilizations and to detect the exact time when the readings start to deviate. Multipegs were sterilized with 3 different methods (autoclaved, autoclaved + ultrasonic cleaner, chemical disinfection + autoclaved) and grouped according to the method applied. All specimens were put into the autoclave with sealed packages every time they were sterilized. Each specimen was sterilized 50 times according to the technique described in its group after an ISQ measurement was performed. Results of the 2-way analysis of variance showed that neither the sterilization method nor the cycles, nor their interaction, were statistically significant. A multipeg may be reused multiple times after sterilization procedures and may be more cost-effective than a disposable smartpeg for checking implant stability after confirming these results in further investigations.

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