The most challenging and time-consuming step in the free gingival graft (FGG) for keratinized mucosa augmentation is the compression suture anchoring the FGG to the periosteum. This article proposed a novel “microscrew with tie-down sutures” technique to anchor the FGG to the recipient site without the traditional trans-periosteum suture. This patient’s keratinized mucosa width (KMW) around the healing abutments of teeth #29 and #30 was less than 1 mm. After an apically positioned flap (AFP) was prepared, 2 microscrews were placed at the buccal plate of the alveolar ridge bone, which is the coronal margin of the AFP. Then, the sutures winded between the microscrews and the healing abutments to anchor the FGG. In conclusion, the “microscrew with tie-down sutures” technique offers a feasible and straightforward alternative for the trans-periosteum compression suture, mainly when the periosteum is fragile, thin, or injured.

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