There are no previously published studies which have reported on the placement and restoration of dental implants in a patient diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Patients with sarcoidosis may develop periodontitis as a manifestation of the systemic disease and are therefore at increased risk of tooth loss. These patients are likely to want fixed dental prostheses which may need to be supported by dental implants. The case presented is that of a 31-year old female patient presenting with a missing maxillary central incisor and a sarcoidal process affecting the anterior maxilla which had severely compromised the periodontium of the adjacent lateral incisor. The patient was successfully rehabilitated with an implant-retained prosthesis following a staged horizontal and vertical bone augmentation procedure. At the 4 year review the implant restoration was performing well with stable peri-implant bone levels. We conclude that dental implant rehabilitation in patients with sarcoidosis may be a predictable treatment option, depending upon disease stability and concurrent systemic therapy, but will require additional maintenance due to the possibility of an increased risk of peri-implantitis. The effects of sarcoidosis and its management on the success of dental implants are discussed to aid treatment planning for such a patient.

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