A 62-year-old male patient sought treatment for missing maxillary teeth. A diagnostic cast demonstrated that the interocclusal distance was insufficient. A five-unit screw-retained implant-supported fixed partial denture (FPD) was used to restore missing maxillary teeth. The restoration of multiple missing teeth using an implant-supported FPD is challenging when the interocclusal distance is limited due to lack of retention and inadequate esthetics. In this case, a hexagonal, screw-retained, and sublingually located titanium-based zirconia implant-supported FPD with a conical abutment base was used for restoration to overcome the limited interocclusal distance. This implant-supported FPD, consisting of CAD/CAM-designed monolithic zirconia cemented to a titanium bonding base in the laboratory, is expected to facilitate predictable retention and adequate esthetics as well as provide ease of retrieval.

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