The present case report describes a novel technique using chronic intrasocket granulation tissue for alveolar ridge preservation in periodontally compromised extraction site. In three patients, periodontally compromised teeth with severe alveolar bone destruction were extracted. Then, site-specific incisions were made for including intrasocket granulation tissue in part of the flap. Following flap reflection, deproteinized bovine bone mineral with/without a 10% collagen was grafted. Primary flap closure was achieved with use of intrasocket granulation tissue. In all cases, epithelialization of the tissue at the socket entrance was completed within 4 weeks. Dental implant placement and prosthesis delivery were successfully performed. No complications have been reported to date. Radiographic scans revealed stable marginal bone level and well-incorporation of the graft. The present protocol using chronic intrasocket granulation tissue is a promising candidate for managing periodontally compromised extraction site.

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