The aim of this clinical report is to describe a maxillary full-arch implant supported restoration with immediate loading performed by means of an entirely digital workflow with photogrammetric system and intraoral scanning. A female patient with an edentulous maxillary arch attended the dental clinic seeking a maxillary fixed restoration. After treatment planning, six implants were placed using a surgical splint fabricated digitally by intraoral scanning of her previous removable prosthesis. Multi-unit abutments were fitted and two digital impressions were taken, one with a photogrammetric system for determining implant positions, and the other with an intraoral scanner for soft tissue registration. The acrylic resin structure of the immediate prosthesis was milled and placed within 8 hours of implant surgery. This provisional structure fitted correctly and provided adequate esthetics and function. Radiographic and clinical follow-up after 24 months observed adequate implant evolution.

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