This case report describes the correction of a skeletal Class III malocclusion by performing alveoloplasty and All-on-four styletitanium/acrylic (hybrid) fixed/detachable implant supported prosthesis.  A 76-year-old Hispanic,female patient with a noncontributory medical history presented to the clinic with a chief complaint of “I cannot wear my upper partial denture, it keeps on breaking”. Intraoral examination revealed significant inter-arch Class III relation, supra-erupted mandibular dentition, and significant loss of the vertical dimension of occlusion. Surgical treatment included edentulation of the patient in addition to a significant mandibular alveoloplasty in order to correct the patient’s malocclusion prosthetically. Through proper planning and execution, a skeletal Class III relationship was corrected with an implant supported All-on-four maxillary/mandibular prostheses. An edge-to-edge incisal relationship was achieved along with an appropriate vertical dimension of occlusion. The preplanning protocol allowed determination of the required alveoloplasty in order to obtain sufficient restorative space to allow for the correction of the skeletal malocclusion prosthetically.

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