Currently, the gold standard materials of choice for dental implants are the commercially pure titanium. However, these materials may have suboptimal anterior esthetic outcome due to the dark grayish burnout. To enhance the esthetic outcomes, zirconium dioxide materials, with reported long-term success in medical uses and with its tooth-like color, was introduced as a dental implants material. This case report describes the fully guided planning and placement of one-piece zirconia implant replacing missing central incisor. A 21-years-old male patient, non-smoker in excellent general health, presented with a missing tooth #21. Straumann PURE® (4.1x10 mm) Ceramic implant was placed. Three months post-surgery, the soft tissues architecture has been achieved and stabilized, healing was satisfactory around the zirconia implant and provisional restoration. The final layered zirconia crown was fabricated. Two-step cementation technique was used to minimize the excess cement during final delivery of the crown. After delivery of the final restoration, the patient was followed up after 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

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