This case series presents three patients undergoing minimally invasive regenerative surgery for peri-implantitis using peri-implant excision and regenerative surgery (PERS). No report of a resolved inflammatory state with peri-implant bone loss following nonsurgical treatment was included in this case report. After the suprastructure of the implant was disconnected, a peri-implant circular incision was made to remove inflammatory tissue. The combination decontamination method was conducted using a chemical agent and a mechanical device. After copious irrigation with normal saline, collagenated demineralized bovine bone mineral was applied to fill the peri-implant defect. The suprastructure of the implant was connected following the PERS procedure. The three patients with peri-implantitis that underwent successfully PERS procedures suggest that surgical intervention is a feasible approach to obtaining proper peri-implant bone filling of 3.42 ± 1.08 mm. However, this novel technique should be investigated in a larger sample size to determine its reliability and validity.

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