Reconstruction of maxillary defects can be carried out by a variety of treatment modalities. The choice of modality depends on numerous factors including the size and extent of the defect, patient factors and existing comorbidities. One of the various options is reconstruction and rehabilitation using a fixed prosthesis supported over zygomatic implant. In maxillectomy cases, zygomatic implant can be used to improve the retention of the obturator prosthesis as loss of alveolar bone makes it impossible to use conventional endosseous implants. Even though the zygomatic implants are advocated to have high success rates, they are not complication free. We hereby present a rare complication associated with placement of zygomatic implant in an operated patient of COVID - 19 associated mucormycosis. This rare complication has never been reported before. The case report also highlights on the management of complication involving displacement of zygomatic implant in infratemporal region.

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